Why I Joined Pink Zebra



My name is Erin Hughes and I am a Pink Zebra Independent Consultant. My husband is active duty military and we are currently stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. I was first introduced to Pink Zebra back in February 2013 after doing research on the computer for ground-floor fragrance companies. I came across Pink Zebra and decided to contact a consultant where we were based in North Dakota. She agreed to meet me at Starbucks, where she could share with me all the wonderful opportunities Pink Zebra has to offer.

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She let me smell all of the testers, shared a catalog with me, and she gave me several samples to take home with me. I felt like a spark had been ignited inside of me again after getting burnt out with my previous Direct Sales company and having fertility problems due to stress from work. As soon as I got home, I put a sample in my own warmer. I was amazed at how strong the fragrance was in our home and it wasn’t much wax at all! I took one day to think about it and talk about this business decision with my husband. We both felt it was a great opportunity for me, so I joined Pink Zebra!

Pink Zebra has allowed me to feel like I did when I was teaching by changing the lives of others! I have made friends while building my business, trained with other consultants, developed leadership skills, and Pink Zebra has given me opportunities I would not have had with my previous Direct Sales company.  Even though we will be moving again with the military, I know that my Pink Zebra business can go with me! I can work from home with my own business hours and I can stay home with our son. From the beginning, I set goals and milestones and achieved them with Pink Zebra by my side.

As a leader with Pink Zebra, it is my sincere hope that you will consider being a part of Pink Zebra and all we have to offer. I put 100% of my heart into my team and there is plenty of room for you to join us! Whether you want to purchase Pink Zebra products, host a party, or become a consultant I am here to serve you! Thank you for taking the time to read why I chose to join Pink Zebra! What will be YOUR why?

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Erin Hughes

Manager, Pink Zebra Independent Consultant

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